computrainer on com3 port lost speed riding on climbing

I´m riding normal when there is no climbing using my computrainer with zwitf, but when start to climb I lost speed and it ride on 3km/h, I´m not on this so slow speed.  When the climp ends it´s normal again.  Can someone help me ?

That sounds normal that you would slow down going up hill and speed up when going down or on flat. 

Here is a link that will help you out:

Yes its normal to slow down climbing, bit more apoio slow.
I’m 3 km/h and should be a more fast, Maybelline 10/ 11
I read something about calibrate CT

With the very limited info you have given us, I would still say it’s normal.

How many watts were you putting out on the flats and on the hill?

What speed were you doing on the flat?

Was the CT calibrated?

How do your IRL rides compare to Zwift rides?

The more info you give us the better we can help you. Right now I would say everything is working as intended based on the limited info.

Are you sure the tire is not slipping? I normally have to be close to a 3 calibration in order to keep the tire from slipping (and make sure it’s clean of course).

Good point on the slippage.  I’m able to stay around 2.1 on calibration with the Conti trainer tire.