Computrainer - Game issues

(Jeff Abbott) #1

Is anyone else having issues with the Game being much slower than the Computrainer? I saw the calibration question, but I think this is different. I calibrate my computrainer first, then launch Zwift. Any already known, I have a slow computer, but I still dont think that should be the issue.
Issue: I was riding on Thursday at 3:30pm Mountain time against P Joyce and S Bryan. In the flat start point of the island, I was cranking out 25mph according to Zwift and it felt like I was working that hard. And both other riders blew past me like I was standing still. They must have been going 40+mph.
If it is an issue since my computer is slower, then I think Zwift has a bigger problem since whomever has the best computer would win? Like I mentioned Zwift had my watts and speed correct but there was no way I could keep up with those other two guys.

(Paul Joyce) #2

I only wish real life was like that.

I don’t think my computer was showing much more than 25 mph there. Mine is on the slow side, too, an i5 with an Intel 2500 integrated video.

(Jeff Abbott) #3

Paul, do you remember passing me on Thursday afternoon? You and Bryan flew past me. I was pumping 200+ watts at 25mph.

(Paul Joyce) #4

I was probably doing about the same for both watts and speed on a Kickr. I do remember going past you, and yeah, the apparent speed differential was pretty big.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #5

I was riding with Eric Min last night and he was on a CompuTrainer. He dusted me in all the sprints so he was having no slowness issues.

I wonder sometimes if it might either be graphics card and/or internet speed. I’ve seen people on that appeared to be moving very slowly and the movements were erratic.

I’m riding with a three year old MacBook Pro running Windows 7 in bootcamp. I am wirelessly connected to a pretty fast Verizon Fios connection. The system has worked as advertised for me.

(Eric Min) #6

I regularly ride with a Computrainer and the game works fine for me. Is it possible those two riders were sprinting for the line? You can reach those sprints when sprinting.

(Michael Wagner) #7

Computrainer is working fine for me. I use the Computrainer for Power and then set my Ant+ sensor for Speed, Cadence and Heart Rate.

I had the game not find the Computrainer a few times, but then I would just press the T key and re-do my settings and this so far finds the Computrainer correctly and it works for the rest of the ride.

(R Sudac B&B) #8

I log in, Zwift finds my computrainer on com3.  At this point my CT is communicating as the lights are flashing on the connector to the PC.  I know Zwift is not receiving any power info as there are zero watts on the pairing screen even though I am pedalling.  When I hit the okay button to pair the CT, I get a no signal message and the lights on the PC connection have stopped flashing.  I put in a ticket a week ago and haven’t received a response.

(Lee Cable) #9

any fix Rick?