Computrainer dropping out for 10 seconds

I am running a Computrainer through an IP to serial Moxa (nerd reasons) and have an interesting issue.

Every 50 seconds (almost exactly) I get a 1 second spike in the registered power in Zwift. 10 seconds after that, the registered power normally drops to about 30 watts (or on the rare occasion spikes to 500 watts) for precisely 10 seconds and is a dead flat line regardless of how hard or soft I pedal. The power line is perfectly flat. During this 10 seconds when the power reads flat, Zwift still controls the resistance perfectly in line with the course gradient and I can even feel it change. Zwift seems to control fine, it just gets this glitch every 48-50 seconds. I run the same trainer on PerfPro and get no dropouts or issues with power readings. I am calibrating the computrainer prior to opening Zwift. I have tried changing the serial port settings but no luck. Anyone else seen this issue with Zwift??