Computrainer Connection using StarTech USB to RS232 Adapter

(Edward Lee) #1


I’m a first time Zwift user, or rather trying to be! I could do with some advice.

I am trying to use a StarTech USB to RS232 Adapter to connect the Computrainer to my MacBook (OS 10.13.4 USB 3.0). I couldn’t find the FTDI USB to Stereo adapter that is advised. I figured this would still work as it has a FTDI chip. 

FTDI driver installed and the Mac can see the device (looking in system information). However, Zwift does not see the Computrainer. 

Is this because of the adapter I am using?



(Paul Allen) #2

Try this link:–Setting-up-a-Computrainer

And this:

(Edward Lee) #3

Hi Paul,


I’ve stepped through both of those articles. No joy.

I’m guessing that it’s the adapter that I am using but just wanted confirmation before I spend more money on another.

To add to the diagnosis I’ve opened Terminal and issued the command “ls /dev/cu.*”. All is see is:

/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port /dev/cu.SOC


I’m guessing my Mac sees the USB device but not the Computrainer attached to it.

(Paul Allen) #4

It does say in the KB that you need the other adapter:  NOTE : In order to pair your Computrainer with Zwift, you will need an FTDI USB to Stereo adapter 

(Edward Lee) #5

Hi Paul,

Understood regarding the advice on the adapter to use.

My question was regarding using the StarTech USB to RS232 Adapter. If anyone has any experience with this adapter or one similar it would be handy to know.



(Paul Allen) #6


According to the Zwift KB that adapter will not work, the Zwift app will not look at the Serial Port for the trainer.

I would not think any other way would work or Zwift would have put it into their KB.