Computer requirements

First laptop would crash. Second laptop works well but I have to bring it home from work each night. If I were to buy a new laptop can you please list the “ideal” specs? My apologies if this is listed elsewhere. I Looked around a bit and didn’t see it. Fyi Zwift is awesome. Looking forward to more new releases and updates. Bye bye rollers! Thank you.

Here’s a quote from Jon (@Zwift) at DC Rainmaker’s site:

The exact minimum requirements will probably change over time, but the key requirement isn’t about ram or processor, but about it’s graphics capability. The minimum requirement will either be an Intel HD 3000 or Intel HD 4000. If you’ve got an NVidia or AMD gpu from the last 4 years you’re also almost certainly good to go.

The minimum may increase over the years as technology keeps marching forward, but I have to imagine I’ll always be supporting at least the last 3 to 4 years of whatever an ‘average’ computer is. The people that want the extra glitzy graphics can have it with newer or higher end graphics cards.

Our minimum, recommended, and extreme specs can also be found right here on our website: