Completion email for Le Col century event?

Anyone received an email confirming they’ve completed the event?

I did the 100km route and then carried on for an extra 11km to complete the mega pretzel route. Although I’ve not seen any confirmation email with the 20% discount code the entry said I’d get for completing it.

I got the jersey, and it showed up in my weekly stats, so Zwift definitely thinks I’ve completed it. :man_shrugging:

I did the 100 miles Le Col event and it’s recorded in zwiftpower as well. Checked yesterday that I finally got the virtual jersey. I was also wondering if I should have gotten email about the discount but nevermind since I might not use it. Not sure if this is Zwift related bug/glitch or 3rd party issue.

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I would like to know the answer to this as well. Hopefully I didn’t miss something obvious, but how do we get the 20% Le Col discount?

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I asked Le Col and they said Zwift are meant to send an email. Been almost a week now though?

I also did the 100 miles and if I never see the radio tower again it will be too soon :roll_eyes:. Immediately got the in game virtual jersey unlock, but still have not seen anything in terms of discount code on the physical merchandise. I’m really looking forward to that as their jerseys and bibs are amazing but a bit beyond my price range without the discount.