Completing All Circuits

Im thinking of starting exploring every crcuit from scratch by organizing a ride every morning. There are a few issues that id like to address or double check on:-

I have done a few circuits completely but I dont get the acheivements for them. IS there anything that ive been doing wrong? Bugs maybe? Ive already completed all the running ones and it works flawlessly you just need to run them so I was thinking doing the same with the cycling as there are so many circuits to unlock their badges.

If anyone is interested please add me on Zwift my user is rashed alnaber and im currently at about 260W FTP. Would be great to have someone or more to draft with and chat with. I can do 4 languages french italian arabic so the more the merrier!

some routes have long lead-ins.
It’s always a great idea zu check the route on before start riding.

I have all route badges, except for the 5 hardest ones.
So I can confirm that all routes work as intended.

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Great! Good to know!


I’ve seen several posts saying they did a meetup to do a route and they didn’t get the badge. This may be because they spawned on the wrong side of the start of the route or they didn’t ride all the way to the end. Either suggests a bug in zwift but be aware of that anyway.

some good information here.

The most important is to know your route before starting, this is also a very helpful resource to find route details.

Didn’t think of that actually. Very well noted. I have started and ticked three routes off already. I have tried to make meetups but no one wanted to join anyway so I decided I might as well do this solo anyway as we have no races coming up this year and It will be a good challenge to maintain long distance fitness.

Anyway if anyone is interested in tagging along add me. Thanks all.