Completing a Trainerpeaks workout on Zwift

I have just taken on a coach and he will be setting me workouts through Trainingpeaks.
I currently use Zwift without a laptop on my iPhone 6. How do I import the workouts from Trainingpeaks so I can complete them on Zwift.

HI Jack! 


You’ll need to connect your Zwift account to your Training Peaks account. Once you do that, your Training Peaks workout will automatically sync to your Zwift accounts. Log into your dashboard at and navigate to Settings > Connections to connect today.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your quick reply. I am not able to use a laptop and have to use my iPhone 6.
I have linked my Trainingpeaks account to Zwift. But I cannot find the workout anywhere in the Zwift workouts. Can you help

The solution for me was to disconnect the TP connection (on the Zwift website) and after that reconnected. That solved the problem for me. Goodluck.