Completed Uber Pretzel but did not get badge/XP

Thanks. Will attempt the Mega Pretzel over the weekend

Same here. I have not received my badges about 3/4 of the time. I have followed all rules from Zwift’s response to this dilemma. There is definitely a problem that needs to be corrected. It’s very demoralizing for especially for a beginner.

Why do you say that? There are other routes containing the Radio Tower climb, and no-one seems to be reporting badge problems with those - e.g. Muir And The Mountain.

Edit - ok, I see why you’re saying that, but the rest of my post still stands. Let’s not generalise unnecessarily.

You are totally right.
Cleared that post.

I have done the über pretzel as well last week, no badge and XP and no reply for Zwift support.

Just finished Uber Pretzel and got a badge.:mountain_biking_man:t2:
Don’t do this at home.

PS No, issue wasn’t fixed. I found where the error was and fixed it on client side🤦🏻‍♂️

PPS As said @Flint_McInnis “ In this day and age, we all know that if it isn’t recorded it doesn’t count“, so here is activity link.
www.zwift. com/activity/639630534715747472

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I don’t know what can be affected by this change. And don’t guarantee anything.

So, what is the problem and how I fixed it (simplified version).
The problem was in 2 files located in assets/worlds/world1/
Those files were modified in last update and it lead to an issue with checkpoint at the top of Radio Tower for 2 routes Uber Pretzel and Four horseman.
So I used those files from Zwift version 1.0.50 (current one is 1.055). And tried to ride. At the bottom of Epic KOM after descending according to log file everything was good, so I finished the route and got the badge😉

Ride ON!


Wow, amazing work @Rustem_Akmalov_TRS !

Are you hearing this, @Flint_McInnis ?

Well done! Only Uber Pretzel and Four Horseman are affected? Where can we get the 1.0.50 files?

To be honest, I know that
Uber Pretzel affected
Four Horseman affected
Pretzel need to be checked
Three Sisters need to be checked
Muir and the Mountain not affected
Mountain 8 need to be checked
Mountain Route need to be checked

I have that file for Windows version, but I won’t recommend to someone installing some file from unknown guy from internet unless you have MD5 confirmation from officials.


good find. so we can post fix the code/route? shame that zwift developers are not as diligent?

Only replace file with older version.

Great effort. :+1:

Should be a very quick fix. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks Rustem

Adding to Rustem’s “All-working” badge routes - Quatch Quest. Just completed this morning. Passes the EPIC KOM but not the Radio Tower that causes the problem. Ended with ADZ and badged

Just did Mountain Route and Mountain 8 this morning. Both passes the Radio Tower. Badges work. Just checking if anyone did The Pretzel recently and badged? Mega Pretzel badge I understand works

thinking an easy fix for the next update is to remove the radio tower part of the course?

the routes in question are four horseman and uber pretzel all the rest seems to be ok.

Did Uber pretzel today no wrong turns, did everything perfect took 5 hours! No badge! So so so so Sooooooo frustrating. With this many issues, something should be done. :pensive: