Completed Ride no recorded in the stats

Completed the KISS 128k ride this morning. 4 hours and it hasn’t logged any info except that I did 90 mins. At this point in my ride all other Zwifters has disappeared and I was in my own until the finish. The in game app said I had completed the ride but not on mobile link and zwift power! Annoying!!!

This sounds like you had an issue with your internet connection.

Yep maybe! Fortunately my data remained!

However i did get the awards in ride, ie the 100k shirt, and the status at the end of the ride that i had completed the event however these do not show on my profile which is the annoying part.


Today was the last day of my 7 day trial and i am debating on the monthly subscription.

Looks like you weren’t alone Aaron, some 50 other riders appear to have DNF too.