Completed MAAP Stage 1 TWICE! to no avail

I have now ridden MAAP stage 1 TWICE! Separate days, failed to record either. I have pictures at the finish line for both proving I did it. NO CHANGES TO MY SET UP. I am getting rather annoyed at this point. No .fit file for either event that I can see. Don’t know if ANYTHING will record at this point. No glitches, except when I hit save, I don’t get the usual “data for the ride page”. Both have been during the make up weekend. I was VERY careful to hi the “save” button the second time.

Yes I had to do that one twice , like you in the make up weekend . I think , havent checked yet , it registered second time .

Its a common issue this (not just for the MAAP series but all these multi ride events . There must be some unreliable way these events register that needs looking at .