Completed event but it didn't give me credit for it

I completed the DT SWISS Reborn Faster event ride on Aug. 23 at 1:30PM Eastern time. At the end of the ride it showed me to have 2 new items in my garage. I then equipped my bike with the new DT SWISS 62 wheelset I had earned. I then exited my garage, ended my ride and then attempted to save the event. It never saved, the screen just froze. I had to shut the program down and upon restarting it Zwift prompted me that I had exited before saving my last ride. I clicked on SAVE and it then saved but as a normal ride. It didn’t give me credit for the event I had completed. I retch out to support but I’ve never heard anything back yet. I have since purchased the wheelset on the game so I could still run them.