Completed Challenge. Message won't go away. [December 2022] [1.32] [SOLVED]

Any idea/update in the meantime om patch release timing :wink:?

Hi Shuji,

I have the same issue with completing the Everest Challenge, and this happened twice 12th and 14th of December. It was with the update version of the game, 1.32.0 (not .1).


Same here. I think I must have 76 Emonda’s in my garage now!

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NOthing I do makes the flashing banner go away. When is the new release to fix this scheduled for?

Same here though I have been able to save the workout by holding the end button in the workout section of the companion app. That ends the ride and allows me to save it. But you have to press the button for about 5 seconds.

Ich habe ebenfalls das Problem des nicht verschwindenden Banners. Bei mir das S-Works Tarmac. Erschien nach Abschluß Alp de Zwift. Workouts frieren in der letzten Sekunde ein und werden nicht gespeichert. Bei regulären Ausfahrten funktioniert das Hochladen - allerdings nervt diese Pop-up Fenster - ich hoffe auf ne schnelle Lösung bis zum WE.

How do i get rid of this Trek Pop up. I see there are a few people with similar problem, but havent found what the solution is?

Sorry, whats a walkaround?

Slightly ridiculous that this was identified as an issue over a week ago and here we are, still waiting on a patch.

The unlock notification glitch has essentially rendered Zwift useless for me.

You must be new here.


Wait for a game update (1.32.1) :blush:

The Zwift support told me:

And then follow this instructions:
If you’re seeing the challenge completion banner repeatedly, please try this workaround:

  1. *Select a different challenge in-game.
  2. Change your challenge back after the 1.32.1 update. (Your unlock will be automatically added to your garage after you change your challenge back.)

FYI, current version for android is 1.32.1 and doesn’t include a fix for this… I assume it will be 1.32.2 on android?

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Come on Zwift - get your act together and ship a fix already!!!

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One week still no fix

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UPDATE December 15

Hey everyone, thanks for your patience. We released Zwift game version 1.32.1 which addresses this bug. Please install it at your earliest convenience.

If you used the interim workaround I mentioned upstream, please remember to switch your Challenge back.


Great, @shooj - Game Version 1.32.1 installed and it works - that means the banner bug seems to be gone!
And the new Bike is in the garage!


Hi Shuji,
Is the fix available yet on iOS? For my iPad the update is not in the App Store. iPad Pro 2021. Thanks

Yes, all OS platforms have been released from this end, but allow time for it to propagate to all of Apple’s servers worldwide.

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Update has just appeared on my iPad. Logged on to Zwift and theTron bike is in my garage!!! Note that you will need to re-activate the Everest challenge if you started one of the others to get rid of the annoying banner.


So when’s challenge 4 coming out

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