Completed a workout and short ride on Samsung Galaxy S6

(Scott Kinney5728) #1

I mirrored my S6 running Zwift on my TV run by my nvidia shield.
S6 is running android 6.0.1
I completed a workout and a short ride. I’m new to zwift and trainers so I can’t attest to accuracy of power etc but it seemed to work fine.

(Michael Tucker) #2

What trainer have you got?

(Scott Kinney5728) #3

That was on an old cycle ops fluid. I dont know the exact name. In zwift the closest thing i could see was ‘fluid 2’.

(Scott Kinney5728) #4

I just did a 2x15 ftp workout with a new tacx flux. Went pretty well I think but, again, I’m new to indoor with nothing to compare to. I’ll try my next ride running zwift on my wifes windows laptop. That’ll give me some perspective i guess.