Complete: The Jaybird Ride the Worlds Mission, Innsbruck - 15s countdown bug (Windows PC)

While I was riding in an event I completed the “Jaybird Ride the Worlds Mission” and Zwift informed me of that achievement with a notification. This was in the midst of the event and the “OK” box was supposed to countdown from 15s. Unfortunately it did not countdown and I could not click it. I was still cycling and all other numbers (watt/hr/speed etc) were counting, I was still moving. But the framerate was low and as the box was large it was pointless to continue. I could not finish my event on the companion app nor on the pc. The only way to get out was to end the Zwift task in Task Manager. Zwift registered most of what I did in the event, I lost the last 4 min from the moment I completed the challenge.

Same for me - really frustrating

Same here. Completed the WRG crit and thought I’d do the climb. Got to 15 miles and got the 15sec countdown which never moved. Tried saving on phone. Zwiftpower got the crit and zwift shows a12.6 mile ride not the 16.3, although challenge also shows as complete.

This has just happened to me too with 35 minutes to go on an important workout. My set up is on Apple TV. I am leaving the session on to see if the problem clears up but it has been an hour and nothing has changed.