Complete a route feature

I see my post had been merged with this one. I also wanted a warning before you turn off a route (so you don’t accidentally turn off the route) can happen by accident. eg. if switching camera angles with the arrow keys. Maybe a two step process. A warning first that says are you sure you want to turn off the route? Yes / No

I’d like to see a count down, maybe the last 5k, of a badge route. Many times it’s unclear as to how close you are to the completion of a route due to random lead-ins. Understanding that you can turn off of a route at any time, the game should recognize when you’ve stayed on a badge route and count you down towards the end.

You can always create a meetup (only need to invite a friend, no matter whether he will ride or not) selecting the route you want to complete and you will have available the blue bar showing your progress on the route.

Please create something to easily track completed tracks ingame, so that I dont need to bookkeep it with something like zwifthub dot com