Competition & AI Tech Update: December 2022

The time gaps would still show that, and to me are more useful than the distance anyway.

As far as I know the time gaps still assume 30kph speed so they are all over the place. If they were more intelligent I would agree.


the time gaps can be way off. What this thread sort of proves is everyone wants something a bit different so Zwift changing/forcing one particular view will go down well with some and annoy others which is why i suggested make it user configurable.

Even on the flats raw watts alone would be confusing when you have big differences in weight.

100kg rider going at 3 w/kg = 300 watts
50kg rider has to push a lot harder to keep up but I’m estimating more like 3.3-3.4 w/kg but lets take an extreme of 4 w/kg that would then show as one rider doing 200watts the other 300watts

That would confuse your average Zwifter lot more than what w/kg shows at the moment

This I think is why sauce is so popular. Along with it’s time gaps being more accurate than Zwift it allows you to see the data you are interested in not what zwift thinks you want to see.



Yes to more user configuration, and put it in the companion app too while your at it!

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Yeah, I realise that, but they’re still what I pay more attention to. I just factor the terrain into my thinking.

So let’s lose the country flags instead. We’re all citizens of Watopia after all. :wink:

Just adding my voice/vote to this … Personally, I believe (even before the testing) that the theme will be ‘Let me choose what metric I see’

If, In the settings, I have a option to select ‘Watts or Wkg’ (like the imperial or metric option), then I know what to expect and whatever I choose, I will be happy with.

I think having it scroll between watts / wkg depending on course profile just risks frustration with people not seeing the metric they want or are used to seeing.

If the switching was to be implemented, would it be possible to keep the wkg displayed for my avatar, even if watts is shown for others? as we already have our own watts in the big blue box upper left.

I’ll be interested to see feedback, but this highlights another example of where user configurability can keep everyone happy.


With the introduction of PDv4, pack speeds on downhill will be reduced greatly (hopefully) so maybe this information will not be as important as it is right now given how ludicrous pack speeds are on descents.

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Hope it can be fixed “soooonnn” … had a similar issue and would like to remove this values so one can have a personal best that could be beaten perhaps :slight_smile: As it is now I will never hit those numbers in a million years :slight_smile: Removing the files in the CP folder was a great way of fixing this issues before so wonder why that where removed? And normaly I would reset these values every season just to get some new numbers to work from at the beginning of the season.

If you are running Zwift on a pc there is a hack/ fix in another thread. Open the Zwift exe file in a hex editor find a line of code and change any number to break it. Then it defaults back to the folder value. You can see it below.

But congratulations on including a CE link on ZwiftPower to, a good move. :clap:


Noticed that today. while not perfect as you still have to click a link it’s better than nothing. only problem is seeing others CE would be nice.

Good move.

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Could/should be links in race descriptions too perhaps? This is typical explanation of CE found in a race listing on Events, but maybe a link and the same info now on ZP should just be in each race description?

Oops - it’s not actually VO2max either. It’s a shame nobody tried to explain how the figure Zwift has adopted might be confusingly named. :crazy_face:

I’m okay with these being removed now, but have no way to remove them manually/with automation.

I also don’t think it makes any difference.

Fingers still in ears?

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@xflintx Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately this is not at all how it currently works, but I will do a second validation of this claim tonight. Would it be worth my time to submit this as a bug or can I consider it noted?

Are you saying it’s been your experience that certain types of hardware are allowed in races with others where they should not be? Or there is a bug in the way something is displaying? Do we need to update an article or other information? Apologies for the questions, I’m not clear where there’s an issue from your original post I responded to and want to make sure I understand.

This :point_up: managed to reproduce in an independent event also.

I’m organizing events for VirtuSlo Club with Hardware Requirments since Day 1 when it was avaiable. In this time we had multiple people using Spinbikes, zPower, etc. joining our Hardware requirments races. I have a few DQ on Zwiftpower with automatic ZP Tag.
I don’t think this works as it was meant to.

IMO Hardware requirment should also work with Controllable…this way we can be sure that smart trainer is connected. Power can then be from other source like PM.
At the moment you are only checking for Power Source and it can be from a mobile phone. :zipper_mouth_face:

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