Competition & AI Tech Update: April 2022 Recap

I want to add my thanks - it’s to see the clarity, and especially progress!

One request to consider - it’s great that you’ve done the accommodation for lighter riders, can you expand this to more fairly accommodate both height and light weight. You know the physics you use for speed, so until we get ranked groups please just include height in the category boundary calculation.

This isn’t part of the functionality that we are looking to add with PP but I’ll definitely share your feedback.


@Ross_Bisbee_Team_Veg that is an interesting idea. That sparked another idea while all the work is done to create this.

How about a option to follow any rider, like in the companion app you can fan view lets say you have a button to follow that Rider this can be used for Pace partners and other riders. So as long as I stay behind my friend I will make the same turns as he does.


This feature is needed in the Companion app. I’m familiar with Zwift Hacks but I use the phone to hunt for events and Zwift Hacks is not a happy place in my phone. But since we’re talking about a development roadmap, this is a feature that belongs in Companion. Pretty much everything you can do in Zwift Hacks routes/events searches belongs in Companion.


Something to that effect would certainly be helpful.


Is there anything on the roadmap to update ZwiftPower to show your category enforcement category? Will the current zwiftpower categories eventually be completely converted to the category enforcement categories or will the current 95% of best 3 runs in the last 90 days remain for the foreseeable future as a second categorization model?

Also, will there be anything on the roadmap to see what your current CP or MAP values are calculated to be, maybe even which race/workout/ride set them etc… - Or is the team explicitly trying to avoid showing CP and MAP values?


Came here to post exactly this.

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This is a great initiative!
I’m looking forward to testing out the dynamic pace partners.

I would like to see more support for different race formats.

To see the distance to the other categories in a chase race.

Support for points races with in-game board for each segment and in total (points and position).

Elimination races. Who are left, who got eliminated, who are in danger of being eliminated (cone above or similar), board with finishing position for those that got eliminated.

This will make racing even more engaging.

EDIT: Added praise. Added some more details.


Nice to see this is going to be a monthly routine! Looking forward to some of these new features, the TTT feature will definitely attract more interest in the TTT events.


Has anyone talked about being able to make custom routes for races/group rides? It would give a lot more freedom to create unique events, and is completely lacking currently


Fantastic thread.

Thanks for upping your communication game. The projected time line seems very logical.

I’d simply add that a further improvement of game physics should be a priority.

The current game physics are detrimental to dynamic racing. There’s many posts explaining the issue. An open discussion on it might provide some valuable insights on what could be done to improve the model.


Will this only apply to CE events or will it also be an option for the current (best-of-3-FTP) system?

Have read a couple of posts already (with some amusement) from people complaining that their trainers have apparently been reading a little high and that “benefit” has now turned into a liability with the CE system.

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This is completely different to CE. It’s the ability to host events that are only for smart trainers, or a HRM has to be paired and other similar scenarios.


cool. thank you. one feature i would like to ask for, and one that would probably help ZADA, is inbuilt dual recording, rather than having to manually upload or provide data after the event. for me it will just be a quality of life improvement, but for the prem league guys and ZADA it will make manipulating data a lot more difficult


Good to see monthly updates.

Is this the best place to suggest other things that need looked at or where is best?

long term bugs like rider onscreen rider position being completely wrong.
Rider list not showing all riders when in fan view mode. (breaks passing junctions until a rider passes)
Ability to edit time gaps in races (probably more for clubs but is racing specific really)

and maybe you are keeping some things secret which i could understand but obvious improvements for competitions would be point scoring or elimination races like the knockout races were trialling with a rather manual approach

and TTT mode…please make this a Zwift native feature and not only applicable via WTRL racepass.



Yeah, it’ll be available to organisers.


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