Companion App - Workout Page Blank [SOLVED]

I have done two of the Rowe & King workouts this week, on both occations the workout screen in the companion app has failed to show the workout. This has meant no method to adjust the % bias or to enable/disable ERG mode. This isn’t a big issue, and only seemed to happen to a few of us.

I restarted the app and the phone and it still continued to show ‘blank’.
I have done other workouts and the workout screen on the app has been fine.
This is from an Android phone.

Hi @Woody_BRRT

Thanks for flagging this up. I’ll pass it along to our bug testers to see if they can reproduce it.

Also - we appreciate screenshots to illustrate what’s happening on your end.


We found out the problem, and hope to have it fixed for your next week’s Rowe & King workout sessions. Would you loop back then and let us know it’s working?

No worries, of course I will.
Appreciate you getting back so soon, glad you found and hopefully squashed the bug!

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@shooj Still not showing the Rowe & King workout screen.