Companion app wifi/laptop

Hi I run Zwift on my laptop using a ethernetcabl e so no Wifi. Next to my laptop I use my android phone with Wifi to run the companion app. Lately I’m having problems with thus setup. The Comp app throws out of the game time after time or doesn’t get into the game at all. Read that device and CA should both run on the same Wifi network but I never did that and I never had problems…till recently.
What happened with the latest update ??

The only network requirement is that they be on the same IP subnet (same on layer 2 and layer 3 with nothing interfering with traffic). Mesh networks can sometimes cause issues. If those requirements are met then the connection medium is irrelevant and the problem lies elsewhere.

Hi Paul, thanx
But I am dutch and my english/IT is not so good.
What do you mean with mesh network?
I close all apps on my phone except the CA.

Mesh networks use several wireless repeaters to help the WiFi network cover more area. On your phone, try disabling cellular data and see if that makes a difference.

Okay thanx Paul!