Companion App Ten Seconds Behind AppleTV

Running Zwift on AppleTV and Companion app on iOS.

Today’s event = “The Ardennes Royal Classics Mens Workout”. Each segment on the Companion app was ten seconds slower than AppleTV indications. Kept Companion App open to sync AppleWatch for HR, which seemed to work fine.

First time experiencing this issue. Any thoughts?

I have the same experience in Group workouts, also on ATV. Both apps are up to date, and the CA app does it’s flash or blink at the end of a segment on the Apple TV, but doesn’t properly catch up for ~10 seconds.

@Laurance_Alvarado and @Ricky_Dee1 thanks both for the report, I’ll flag it up to our QA team.

Interesting this is on Apple TV OS. If others are seeing this issue on ATV (or other platforms), please raise your hand in this thread, and let us know what OS and game version you’re using.

In Laurance’s case - you’re on older builds of TVOS and the Zwift game app. Auto-updating both OS and apps are generally advised.

@shooj ,
tvOS 13.4.5 (17L5543d)
Zwift 1.0.45410
iOS 13.4

I chatted with Jordan Rapp, one of our game designers, about this issue on the Spring Classics workouts with oddly timed blocks of like 32 or 49 seconds, and upwards of 70 blocks.

The reason for that is our Spring Classics workouts are generated from actual pro rider data files from actual Spring Classics races.Like complicated music has weird time signatures and polyrhythms, the Spring Classics workouts intentionally have complex, quickly-changing bursts of watts and that may contribute to the lag you’re seeing in Zwift Companion depending on factors. Some may experience this lag, while others do not, but these are unusal edge-case workouts so that might happen.

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I love the workouts. No problem was encountered with the Cauberg Royal Classic workout on 16 April. Although I understand (and love) the rationale for the “oddly timed blocks”, it’s unclear how that would create a lag with the Companion app.