Companion App - Support Mock Location


Android allows to set an app as a mock location provider.
Please, consider extend the Companion App so it can be used as such so that the rider gps position can be shared with other apps. This feature will make possible using any outdoor track app (ghostracer, strava, … – you name it).

Thanks and Regards

Hello again,

I can’t believe no one is interested in this… I assume I didn’t make myself clear enough.

I’ll try again by asking you this: how would you like to be able to use Strava Live Segments while riding on a Zwift Segment?

If you do, please consider voting this feature request.


Hi @gandalf_mithrandir

If you use Windows or mac look at


I’m aware of zwiftmap, but I’m not sure on how it can be related to my proposal.
Would you mind explain that to me?

What I’d like to achieve is to be able to use any android third-party app to access the rider position.


I may have misunderstood you. Sorry.

The Zwifthack can show you your strava times when you get on a stared segment and you and try to beat them. That is what I thought you wanted to do.

Actually I meant that, but just as an example of what one would be able to do on android with any other gps/tracking app.

This will also be the starting point of a myriad of other uses… I can’t stop of thinking of how cool would be to be able to use the Garmin’s ClimbPro while riding the Alpe du Zwift.