Companion App sucks

Despite following the recommendations for Companion app it never connects while I’m on a ride.

Airplane mode w/wifi
Same WiFi network

Using Apple TV w/ wahoo Bikr

It’s something to do with your router. Try rebooting it for a start.

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I’d also restart both the phone and the Apple TV

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That’s been done also……

Multiple times……

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Do you have wifi extenders, or any other external devices for the modem? Using a VPN or something?

It needs to be on the same network that your AppleTV is on. So as Mike just mentioned; if you’ve got wifi on an extender, but your ATV has Cat running to the wall for example, and depending how that is set up, it could be a totally unique subnet, which would never connect.

It’s 100% a problem on your end.

I haven’t had Companion app drop or have to reconnect in probably over a year now.

None of that.

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Do you happen to have 2.4g and 5g network operating with the same name? (Sorry we are grasping at straws here.)

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good call, this could be it!

My phone is in airplane mode with Wi-Fi on and connected to same network as my Apple that is connected to Zwift

Tony Flaris

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At this point then, Nigel must be correct; you must have dual band and the phone or ATV are connecting to a B/G/N band while the other is connecting to something like AC/AX.

What generation ATV are you using and what kind / generation phone?

One other thing to look at, would be going into the wifi settings of each, and ENSURING both are on the same subnet, which would be easy to tell if they both have a similar IP address; aka “” while the other device is s ay “”

The first two sets of digits should be the same, the middle-right number needs to be the same.
if for example one of them says and the other… doesn’t have that 84… that’s an issue.

if they’re both connecting to the same router for sure, it’s hugely unlikely they’re on a different subnet, but… doesn’t hurt to check.

So then the last course of action would be to go into your routers’ settings, however you can, and force it to use one specific band; ie “5ghz only”
Be aware that you might sacrifice some range by doing this however (if you like to use your devices out in your yard, etc.)
5ghz doesn’t penetrate very well, but it is fast; where the 2.4ghz is in laymans simple speak, the “opposite.”

And unfortunately, there’s not really any checking you can do to know what it is connecting via; because Apple hides that stuff for whatever reason…
So accessing your router, and seeing devices connected, and/or just disabling dual band, is the easiest course of action.

My router has two channels or bands. 2.4 and 5 ghz.

But with that being said my companion app connected to this mornings BMTR Fondo ride and worked flawlessly for 15 minutes and then work not connect again to my ride.

I will have to contact my Ip provider to turn off the 2.4 channel.

But that being said they both have the same network Ip address except for the last three digits on the far right.