Companion app show different workout values from main app

I have often noticed difference in the values shown in the companion app and the main zwift app. To be concrete is here an example, but it goes for many workouts:

  • Today I rode the Jumbo-Vista Mens Team Workout
  • When you go through the first ramp-up the target Watt values differ. Companion app goes smooth and main app makes steps of 5 watt. But they are most time different. The same goes for warm-up and cool-down
  • More annoying are the target RPM in the main set. In the companion app it says 95 and in the main app it says 100. As the main app is the master you can´t really use the companion apps values for anything.
  • This is just a concrete workout example that can be reproduced. But it goes for many of the workouts, so there is a systemic error here.
  • To add up I often experience difference in timings on workout steps where there can be a delay on e.g. the companion app on up to 10 seconds.
    I’m a developer myself and I believe I can see that there have been some less skilled developers on the companion app that don’t know about simple algorithms and especially rounding up/down values. At least they could have done a proper alignment of calculation principles with the developers on the main app. Because something is clearly wrong.
    Please help us users to not be confused about different values.
    Thanks Lars
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Same here! Yesterday I had differing power targets in the companion app and the game app for a workout and today different RPM targets (different workouts).