Companion App not finding/passing sensors to main app

My setup:

OnePlus 6T

  • Downloaded the main Zwift app and Companion App from play store
    nVidia Shield TV (2018)
  • Side-loaded the app from my OnePlus 6T
    CycleOPS non-smart trainer
    Wahoo BlueSC
    Wahoo Speed Sensor

All connected through the same wireless network. No other bike computers or anything that might try to steal any of the connections.


Main Zwift app running on Shield
BlueSC and Speed sensor both mounted (figured i’d pick the one that works)

Result: Shield can’t see the BlueSC or the Wahoo Speed sensor. Suspect bike is too far from the Shield for it to register. Tried moving the Wahoo Speed sensor to another room just in case there was interference - no change.


Companion App running on OnePlus 6T
Main Zwift App running on Shield TV

Result: Main app reports that I have the companion app connected. Companion app shows game map. Appears to be functioning as expected. However: No detection of either the Wahoo BlueSC or the Wahoo Speed sensor (tried together and separately).


Main Zwift App running on OnePlus 6T

Result: Wahoo BlueSC and Wahoo Speed sensors are all detected. Cadence (from BlueSC) works. If I select speed from the BlueSC when the Speed sensor is in the room, I get random readings fluctuating from 30 to 3million kph, and errors warning about detecting wheel slip. If I select speed from the separate Speed sensor, the Cadence sensor disappears. If I move the Speed sensor into the other room again, speed readings from the BlueSC doesn’t show anything.

Open to suggestions… Really want to see this work.

Yep, I had the same issue and fell back to using the shield tv to stream the game from my gaming pc. I didn’t do a bunch of troubleshooting, but suspected it may have been an issue of different software versions between the companion app and Zwift app. It’s not a distance issue as my shield tv is mounted on a custom keyboard stand thats just over the top of my handlebars.

Otherwise Zwift on the Shield TV worked great! Hopefully it becomes fully supported soon.