Companion App - No Workout Chart / Graph

I have two strange issues with my companion app. When I’m in a workout the chart/graph at the top of the screen showing me the workout is missing. Secondly when I’m looking at the workouts that i haven’t yet completed in my training plan (tt tune up) I cant click and view them like I used to be able to. I can click on complete ones but not up and coming ones.
For reference I have logged in with my daughters account and the chart/graph is there and i can click on up and coming workouts (she is on the same training plan as me) as I used to be able to.
I have uninstalled the companion app from my phone and reinstalled it. Logged in multiple times and it makes no difference.
The phone is an iPhone XS max
I have uploaded a couple of screenshots (grabbed from the internet) and highlighted in yellow the chart / graph and the workout link that wont open.

Any Ideas?



For the graph, if you tap that area it should toggle between graph and no graph…

Having same issue with finding details for upcoming workouts. Also when completing a part of the workout it awards a ☆ if achieved but doesn’t say ‘Perfect’ like other workouts or ‘Fail’ if didn’t.
I’m using 6WK FTP Builder…

Not seen any specific update, but I can now see upcoming workout details in the Companion app for 6WK FTP BUILDER :+1:t2: