Companion App Game not starting anymore

Are there any issues known regarding the Companion App Game? Had my last workout some days ago and today it suddenly stopped working, although everything else worked fine for the past 3 years.
Windows 10 Zwift has a working WLAN connection, all devices connected via USB dongle etc. Same with the smartphone, but it simply won’t start the game.

I’m on the same network/subnet, even tried the same SSID on the WLAN router. I understand that Android 8 is not supported anymore, so installed the app on my Android 11 device - no success.

It happens sometimes after Zwift updates — uninstall Companion and then reinstall and it should be fine.
Bill Black

I’m having a similar problem, Companion app will not load, it just hangs at the blue screen. Rebooting the phone will allow the app to start, but it’s annoying having to do it every time.