Companion App Event Default Time

When switching through the days the companion app shows events at midnight. Why? I think most people ride/run in the evening hours. Is there a setting to change the default time?

Because people all over the world, in different time zones, use Zwift. I doubt many people Zwift at their own local midnight, but whenever people do Zwift there will be someone else in a different country who’s local time is midnight.

The app knows the local timezone, the times are shown in local time. So everybody who is not doing sports at midnight has to scroll multiple pages down. I guess that’s the majority… So why does the app jump to midnight instead of jumping to 6 p.m. or any other customizable time? This could be done with another three lines of code.

You are wanting to be able to edit local times for rides shown. I myself don’t ride early, so I would say limit times shown from 10am to 4pm,… something like that?

A filter is another cup of tea… What I’m talking about is a single setting in the preferences like “Usual workout time”. Let me explain…

When planning the events for the next days I scroll through the days. The app always shows midnight.

It would be much more convenient if the events at my usual workout time - let’s say 6 p.m. - would be shown without the need to scroll time each time you change the day.

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You can use
There is a search with time limit - and many more options…

Would be nice to have something similar in the companion app.