Companion App Dropped Time Zone for Events


(Carolyn Kalish) #1

I am new to Zwift and may not be understanding how everything works. However, when I first set up my Companion App and registered for my first Event - the start time appeared in my time zone (PDT). After daylight savings occurred all my events are now appearing without my time zone. For example, I want to do the Fondo on Nov 11th. I registered for the event and the start time appears as 1:07am…Why would a Zwift Event on the West Coast begin at 1am? I was thinking that maybe there is not a mass start and riders have 24 hours to complete the Event? Aren’t all Events a mass start? I am confused…or maybe there is a problem with the App? Thank you for any help!

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Carolyn! There is indeed a Zwift Fondo event at 1:00am PST and you can look up the details here:

Do you happen to have a screenshot of these mistaken times?

(Carolyn Kalish) #3

Hi - yes here is the screen shot.