companion app device id

why the sudden change to require my deviceid and call information in the companion app? i’m paying for this service, and you know a lot about me – i’m not sure you also need access to my deviceid and call information?

apps that requires this get a quick uninstall from my device – please eliminate this requirement!

UPDATE: We answered the support ticket, but just for the sake of the forums: 

This appears to be a Google Services library bug, which means it’s not supposed to prompt you for that information. We’ve confirmed that our app does not require those permissions , so you can accept (the requirement to install) and we will not access that information. However if you still have concerns this bug should be fixed very soon (hopefully tomorrow) so you can wait to update till then. 


That sounds pretty peculiar and we’d love to get some more information, especially screenshots of these messages if possible. I’ve created a support ticket for you and our team will assist you shortly. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!