Companion app - Cross talk

When I’m in a group ride (event) I get a lot of cross talk of other events in the companion app. Chat messages of riders in other events get mixed in the chatroom of the groupride I’m in.

Anyone with the same issue?

Hey Tom, sorry that chat has been giving you trouble! How long have these chats been merging for you?

I’m on Zwift since March and it’s been like that every time. I’m on Android and always have the latest version (2.4.4 in this case).

Hmm, thanks for the details Tom. Do you happen to have a screenshot available at all? We’re investigating, I’ll update you once I receive new info.

Update: So you are supposed to “hear” other groups as you ride by, much like the real world. If you have an opinion on this let us know in the Feedback category, and if you have a specific change write in a Feature Request!

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Yesterday I rode the KISS at base group ride that started at 18:00 CET. It was on a closed course, so no other riders or groups to be seen. Still I got crosstalk from the WBR event that started at 18:35 CET.

As you can see in the screenshot, Tom Ove was in my group ride as he talked to me privately. Michael Leggatt however was in the WBR ride. He says “we start at the 8 minute mark.” Which corresponds with the 18:43 timestamp of the screenshot.
I also kept getting these crossed messages for almost half an hour until I stopped at 19:00.
(I got more screenshots if you need them)

Thanks for the screenshot! I’m going to have our team revisit this. Will update this post as I receive new information.

Hey Tom, by closed course do you mean a private event in the world for the day, or were you “somehow” in a different world and still experienced cross chat?

I think it was a private event? It was in London, the world on that day, but it was “closed”. We all had the same jerseys on and there was no one else to be seen, just our group.

Last week I was on a different group ride and while the world of the day was Watopia we rode on the Innsbruck course. Again, just our group, no other riders around and again got the crosstalk.