Companion App Battery usage in Workout mode

I have notice that the battery usage differ a lot when using workout mode.

When i am free riding or racing I can go 3 hours and still have 70% battery left, but when I do a 1 hour workout I have only 30% battery left.

I tried to keep it on the map screen but that does not make a difference.



Windows 10

All sensors on ant+

Phone: Nexus 6P Android 8.1.0

Zwift companion app  2.2.2 (381)


We’ve still received some reports of this with riders who use Zwift Companion app. We’ve been working to improve things with each new update, but for now, I highly recommend keeping your device plugged in during workouts at your discretion.

This should help prevent the battery from completely dying during your rides, to prevent disruption!

Workouts, along with events and group rides are often pretty network intensive, causing them to use much more battery life, as wattage targets are displayed and other neat features. 

Ride On!