Companion 3.38 release notes?

Downloaded update yesterday on Android, any notes, please? Been a lack of obvious notes for Companion updates of late.

  • Turn and U-turn issues fixed
  • Accessibility functions now work to ensure user-defined fonts dont drop off the screen
  • Fixed issue where events were not being populated in device calendars
  • Weight settings issues caused by decimal point now sorted
  • Added Feature so that your Followers dont see when you are entering an event when you want complete privacy
  • Increased followers limit to 20,000 riders because …RideOns
  • Changed Pizza slices to Avacado on Toast

Where were those listed, out of interest?

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This is a tongue-in-cheek list, I assume?


I’m currently ill with Covid or somehow while Covid levels are sky high including at work I’ve got flu, but that “avacado on toast” final note did raise a smile. :rofl:

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I did assume that to start with (certainly the last one :rofl:) but then I saw others referring back to it so I’m not sure!

Didn’t expect you to bite @Dave_ZPCMR :rofl:


@shooj Wondering if you are able to give us some real release notes, please?