Community Challenges

I just had an email from Bethesda promoting the DOOM Slayers Club. One thing I noticed on the website was the current community challenge:

The OverwatchLeague channel on had similar community-based challenges, that were rewarded by unlocking things like in-game skins for contributors IIRC.

So, here are my questions:

  1. What sort of challenges might Zwift introduce that we as a community could contribute towards?

  2. What, if anything, might the rewards be?

  3. Should those rewards be unlocked for all Zwifters, or only those who have contributed to the challenge?

This is a bit like “Missions” that we already have, but those are always (I think) about individual effort.

If there were such community challenges, would you participate?

Movember 9.9 mission is sort of a community challenge, when 10K zwifters complete it a donation is made and you get the in-game kit.

I like the idea, reminds me of when the tour de zwift or the zwift academy is complete and they tell us how much distance was covered by all the participants, etc…

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I thought you got the kit anyway, and it just got more moustaches while you rode.

Yeah I think you get the kit regardless, but if 10K complete the mission then the donation is made.