i think it would be helpful for Zwift to post in the announcements an acknowledgment that the latest version broke pairing and resistance for a number of users.  

i know this is beta but still at least a “thanks guys, we are working on it as we speak” sort of thing would go a long way.

keep the good will you have worked so hard to earn. it’s much harder to retrieve it.

just saying…

Its a beta John. It’s part of how these things get tested. You did read the terms and conditions when you signed up - right?

no harm in open communication Ky - even in a beta.  it helps everyone. i’m not sure i understand the point you are making exactly…

looks like those at Zwift are listening - Official Sticky posted here.

communication is definitely part of testing Ky…just saying.


Hi John, 

Looks like you found the info you were looking for.  We are working on the fix and the update should go out soon.  

If you are experiencing any other issues, or after the update goes out you are still experiencing trouble connecting, please submit a support ticket, we would be happy to help you troubleshoot further.  

Yeah that sticky info is definitely welcome  - just so we know you’re onto it.



Toffy63 EXILE thornton,

You can use the Zwift Mobile Link to text other rider and it seems that Discord is the default voice communication within Zwift. Hopefully Zwift integrates voice communications within the app.