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Just wondering why there are two times listed in my results for ITT’s and what the difference is - they are the first and third column after names.

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From a post in ZP forums: VHT is the VTTA time of a 40 year old male minus your VTTA offset. Your VTTA offset is how much faster you were than the VTTA standard for someone of your age and gender.

It is actually the time shown in the column to the left, or just before VHT/VTTA - for example in tonight’s Zwift Time Trial Tuesday: Tempus Fugit I am give times of 24.15 and 23.09 - not sure what the 23.09 is?

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The VTTA standard is used to normalise results regardless of age/■■■ etc so that everyone can feel they are equally competing which each other.

So back to the numbers … the 23:09 is your VHT and 5:16 is VTTA.

Your VTTA of 5:16 mins/secs means you were 5mins faster than the average person of your age.

Your VHT time of 23:09 is what you use to compare your result against others on an equal basis - in this case, you came 2nd once everyone’s age/■■■ were taken into account.

If you sort the race by that column your 23:09 means you came 2nd.

I put the race distance into the calculator in the VTTA website and without knowing your age, the numbers do stack up as being correct (though your route had small incline that would skew numbers a tad). Loads more info and better explanation than mine here … VTTA - Veterans Time Trials Association - Individual Standards

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Ah wow thanks so much - I had no idea - I am 53 and male - I will take a closer look at the link - thank you!

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