Color slider options

Is there a way to make the color slider for bike color a little more “responsive”? Like, maybe add some arrows at either side of the slider so you can “inch” forward or backwards along the slider bit by bit. I use a DPI adjuster on my mouse since it’s a gaming mouse to make it less sensitive to slide back and forth and that helps, but not many other folks will have that.

I want to make sure I understand the problem. It sounds like they are too responsive if you want an arrow to toggle bit by bit rather than just grabbing the handle and sliding it around, but you also say you want it more responsive. Can you clarify a bit?

Ah yeah, less responsive. Is what my intention was :slight_smile:

You hit the nail on the head, if I grab the the handle and slide it around I have to re-adjust my mouse sensitivity to make it move much much slower to play with color choices.