Coco & Dan appearing up the alpe?!

Just tried to pace partner with Coco, showed as on Tempus, hit join, landed on Tempus, Coco nowhere to be seen. Ended ride, tried again, got a weird grey screen and landed on the final turn up the Alpe! Tried again with Dan, showed as on flat route, same thing, I got the weird screen and landed up the Alpe. Both times got the ‘how was your pace partner’ page after ending but was as if it had joined me to a random person instead.

(After a brief battle with my conscience decided not to carry on for a free try for the lightweights and the descent!)

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Same here. Tried to join D.Diesel on the Flat Route today. Ended up hanging in the sky somewhere above Alpe de Zwift. Restarting didn’t help. On the second try D.Diesel appeared for a couple of seconds in the riders list and then vanished (I have it recorded but The Forum doesn’t allow links). PC. Windows 10. Had finished TdZ Stage 3 Makeup couple of minutes earlier - had no issues there.


That 2nd screenshot is awesome :slight_smile:


D Diesel was having some troubles on my ride 12 hours ago. Through the esses he took a shortcut and straight lined it going cross country then on the next lap he ran very wide on the corner before the intersection with the undersea tunnels and hilly KOM. Both times his little side trips put enough distance between us to break the drops multiplier.

I don’t know if his waywardness is related to this issue of spawning in weird places.

Thanks for reporting with the screencaps. We’re looking into what happened, as Diesel Dan should only be on Flat Route.


It looks like the beginning of a mutiny.


To much romance at the Valentines party on Saturday evening…

PS. J, you’re a better man than me, I would definitely have taken the opportunity to smash it down the descent with fresh legs!

The same thing happend to me yesterday when joining Dan Diesel. I got dropped on the final turn on the alpe.
When riding down the Alpe, I got a Powerup spin just above turn 4, which awarded me with 250 XP-points :heart_eyes: - strange.
In my activity there is a straight line from somewhere out over the ocean to the top of the Aple.

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Dan just wants to climb!