Cockpit view

How about a more realistic view what you actually see when you are on your bike, just the cockpit (i.e. the stem and handle bars)? You don’t see much else when you are on your real life bike…

Love it.

A “cockpit” view would be a great addition! I’ve flipped through the views so many times wishing for it.

I would also be cool (although not necessary) if cockpit view a “computer” clipped to the bars that reflected the watts/speed being displayed in the main HUD.

I vote for this and like it too.  However, it kind of defeats the whole beautifully constructed scenery, unless there is way to quickly change views.  It would be awesome if I could have a cockpit view on my iPad that I would stem mount and the forward view on my laptop screen in front of me…


As a former online car racer, i was always using cockpit view and it would be great and even more realistic to have it in Zwift