Cobble crusher race series - loosing connection to trainer mid race

Since I joined Zwift on December, I had no technical problems, everything worked fine until last two races during Cobble Crusher events. At some point after start, around 1/3rd of the course suddenly I lose connection to the Kickr Core via bluetooth from my tablet (“no signal” message). It only happened during those two races, I did group rides, pacer rides, free rides, Tour of Watopia, other races and race series in the past and never had any problems (only with internet connection, but that’s another issue, I have a mobile router dedicated for Zwift only now). Even when I went to the menu and tried to repair trainer, went back to race, after a second connection was lost again. Did anyone experienced something like that in the past. I don’t want to think that this race series has something to do with it, but it looks like that. All I had to, is to reboot Zwift app, and then I was able to join Robo Pacer without any problems for several minutes.

Hi Tommy,

The Cobble Crusher events are just the same as any other events, so there shouldn’t be a reason why you would experience difficulties in those but not in others.

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I know, but it only happened during those races. I will try another race tomorrow and see if it crashes as well.