Clubs - Coming Soon!

This sounds like a great list! Can’t think of anything obvious to add - apart from maybe better integration with ZP, although I don’t really think ZP is a long-term solution to anything.

Oh there is one thing - identify a club in-game so that for TTTs you can use the conveyor, only draft your team mates, and be able to use TT bikes with drafting enabled.


sounds like a good list. Only thing i’d really like to see is a split between social clubs and race clubs with appropriate limits. I think racing would really benefit (and probably socially tbh) with more clubs.

As suggested it would be good to get it linked to race clubs into zp but i doubt zp is a long term solution so whatever it’s replacement might be.

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Doesn’t have to be perfect from day 1, for the majority it’s going to be a huge improvement just to have club functionality.
All your list sounds great :+1:

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Good point, I have offered to help and it would lighten the load for Zwift employees and myself if i was able to update the leads, sweeps ,routes, times or distance as required on my event, But as i have only one event i guess it be a while if at all
regards Dave T

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+1 from one product manager / owner to another and thanks for engaging the community on this subject :wink:
Unable to DM you for EA but if you can pop me on the list I’d be happy to offer my expert opinion.

Hi @Eddy_Lee
I’m another user who can’t DM you but would love to get our Triathlon Club on the Early Access list.
We have a large number of users who are new to both the sport and to Zwift and need a lot of hand holding with the technology so it would be extra useful for us to be able to create a club and organise the club rides in a better way than how the meet ups previously worked.

Many Thanks

I wanted to provide an update for everyone following this thread. Some may have reached out directly to me but for those that I may have missed, please refer to the post here to sign up for early access and testing:

Ride on!


Hi @Eddy_Lee ! I’ve filled the form. I’m ZTBR team manager and we are the only brazilian team participating in WTRL competitions (TTT and ZRL). It’ll be very important for us the have access to this feature ! Thank you !

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Will kids ever be able to create or join a club?

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Hi @Eddy_Lee
I ride under zwift since one yard, I thing i’m addict with 184 races.
With my team we joint ZRL events.
Great opportunity to work as team under Zwift.
I’m interested to test Culb feature and give you some feadback.
I think I already have some ideas.

  • Of course an unique jersey dedicated for the club members
  • The possibly the make an additional filter into Zwift companion (like the one to show “only Zwifter followed”). I will be good to add filter for “only CLUB members”.
  • with this additional filter, if we select both filter we should be able to see only zwifter followed and include in the club.
    Ride ON
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Sounds Like you are finally are getting somewhere , It is really frustrating for smaller groups who constantly get ignored and things like clubs/extra events only seem to be offered to the larger clubs, However this does sound promising and we are happy to help in any way we can,

Please can someone at Zwift explain why you’ve banned junior riders from joining a club?

What I have been told is that it’s to keep juniors safe on the platform and they are working on a solution but it will take awhile(more than a few more months)…

Well we have a load of kids and parents who are becoming more disengaged with each decision and they are rapidly losing interest in zwift


I’m not involved in the Clubs stuff but it seems pretty clear (and reasonable) that at present ZHQ are concerned they cannot provide adequate safeguarding of children in groups that by definition are closed off to public view.


Pretty sure they’ll be able to see everything posted in club chat. They can’t monitor anything posted on other forms of social media which we now need to resort back to for communication. Personally I felt it was a safer move as it could be monitored directly by Zwift. Our policy was to have a guardian join with the junior. Just find it so frustrating that there’s no consultation with clubs trying to cater for juniors before they make these decisions.


There lies the problem if Zwift are responsible for monitoring it then they have to follow guidelines and laws in the countries they operate.

Hopefully they are working on a workable solution though as it’s been a few months since juniors were banned from WTRL as well for similar reasons.

I don’t think kids can see club chat. Maybe 13+ can but not under 13. Zwift said that it is not because of legal reasons, they just are trying to make sure kids are safe. They’re working on getting clubs for juniors but I don’t think the ZRL rule is going to be changing and supposedly it will take “time”. I organize events for kids and clubs would be a huge help, it’s frustrating but at least they are working on it.

Hey Eddy, is your DM box closed? I, for one, am unable to DM you it seems. But I would like to try out the Zwift Clubs feature!

Gerard… we have a TFC club which I run… I have just followed you and if you follow me back I’ll get you added. We are not a part of the trial as we are a established club from the first roll out and they only wanted riders who were not attached at the time.