Close and restart Garmin Express as a setting.

Please add close and restart Garmin Express as a setting when launching and quiting Zwift . 

Hi Magnus,

As we do not own or make Garmin Express, we actually cannot force it to close and restart any more than Garmin could force Zwift to close as soon as it starts.

Why would you want that to happen anyways?  I can’t see how it would interfere with Zwift.

Garmin Express can hijack the ANT+ stick so it needs to be closed for Zwift to detect it. 

ACtually, doesn’t Zwift already offer to kill Garmin Express for you (in Windows) if it’s running?  I’m pretty sure I’ve had that window pop up followed by a admin privileges request.

Maybe the OP is requesting that Zwift restart garmin express after your ride?


I dunno, seems like you could make a little batch file that kills it, starts zwift, then restarts it aftewards?


  1. service stop “garmin express” (whatever it’s real name is)

  2. run Zwiftapp.exe

  3. service start “garmin express” 


I don’t know what the exact syntax of this would be to get the service restart to wait until after zwift closes, but it can be done.  Just do some internet searches to learn how.