Climbing problem


I am using a TACX Vortex and on the flats, it works perfectly, even in sprints.  I am 5’10 and 190 lbs.  When it comes to climbing more than 3% hills, my watts and speed are ridiculous.  I go down to 4 kph on Box Hill and out put 100 watt when I give it all.  I don’t understand, I am not the best climber in real life but I am not that bad.  Yesterday I was 221 on 222 on a climb!?!  I try to push more and it feels like whatever rpm or pedaling technic I use, it never works, I can not get out of the black zone.  It wasen’t like that before January.  What do I do wrong?  I even try to use lower gears!  When it comes on a climb, my rpm goes to 0 and my avatar stops pedaling eventhough I still am. 


Before you ask the obvious…

I use an iPad.  Every apps are up to date, I calibrate my trainer every time or most of it, there is no more chromecast, or bluethoot device around, I have a trainner tyre (and it still sheds… other problem!).  

Here’s a couple ideas for troubleshooting:

  1. Make sure the firmware on your trainer is up-to-date via the Tacx app.
  2. Try out the Tacx app and see if you have the same problems with SIM mode. If you do, it’s going to be a trainer problem.

If you’re not having the same problems, submit a support ticket, and we can work with you to see what’s happening.