Climbing mind games

been working on the wahoo climb challenge, and noticed that, to me anyway, climbing is a different head game in the different worlds. i usually ride for about an hour, and the mental effort varies by world:

  • in watopia, the alpe is a slog, but doing 2000-3000 feet is easy enough to get done if i don’t think about how much more is left
  • in innsbruck, once up the hill is no big deal
  • in NYC, everything bagel seems like i haven’t done a lot of climbing when i get to the end
  • in watopia, epic KOM is a slog, and i sometimes don’t feel ready to start it even though once i’m on it it isn’t bad
  • in london, getting more that 800 feet just seems so freaking hard

does anyone else feel like 1000 feet of climbing is mentally harder to do in some places than others? why does NYC feel so much easier to rack up the verticals? laps in the hilly part of richmond seem more managable to me, too.

Here is an easy way to get 20k, especially on watopia/pc platform.

  1. Spawn on someone who is already on alp du zwift. Look for a rider with a mileage of about 8 and an average speed of 8-13 mph, that will put you on the mountain.

  2. open netflix in browser and put on your show.

  3. monitor your companion app map… when you complete the climb turn around at the top, and turn around again at the bottom.

  4. repeat

In london use step one to find someone already in Surrey Hills… and just keep turning around and going up and down a climb.