Climb Portal segments not yet in zwiftpower segments

Can the Portal Segments be added to the list of Segments in Zwiftpower? This would allow analysis to estimate completion times based on WKG. (Much like we do for the Alpe) Thanks

Given that the Climb Portal isn’t in any events presently, you would see any efforts on your Zwiftpower profile and as such wouldn’t achieve anything unless I’m missing something.

the idea is to see others data, not my own, this can then be used to estimate completion times based on WKG. You then know how long its expected to take if you put out a certain power, good for time crunched zwifters who wanna know how long a climb might take. (as seen for the Alpe here - segments.php?do=analysis&id=11)

There won’t be any data as it’s not included in events.

oh yeah, fair point, :frowning: Sounds like we need some hill races then :-p)