Climb Portal results not appearing or registering as finished [August 2023]

Hi all,

Where exactly is the finish of a Clmbing Portal? I just did the Col du Platzerwasel again and when I crossed the finish line at the top there were no stats or indication I had finished.

So I kept riding. The finish, according to the banner on the screen, is after 24km!

See attached images.

However, the description of the Col du Platzerwasel indicated 15.5km.

What is going on?

BTW I have done all the climbs with the same issue.

it depends on how you are accessing the portal im going to guess

what device are you running the game on?


I just select the Climb Portal at the start screen. There is only on choice at the moment.

Zwift makes something quite simple very confusing.

I did notice that when you select the Platzerwasel route from the main screen, the little animated popup route tracker window, seems to go around the loop once and then again about 3/4 of the way around it again and then ends. Is that the way it’s supposed to be?

I rode my first portal the other day and was also left puzzled. My experience the same as yours. I now suspect there’s an issue affecting some rides (or riders?) in the Portals? I’ll duplicate a post I made in the 1.45 thread, where I saw this thread linked, as it may be more relevant here:

The absence of a retroactive Achievement Badge following the arrival of 1.45 seems to confirm my climb effort ‘never happened’, which of course is disappointing. I’m anticipating you also have not been retroactively granted the Achievement Badge after updating to 1.45?

See also this bug: Portal info: Col du Platzerwasel shows map for Volcano Circuit

Looks like some wires were crossed - the Col du Platzerwasel info card depicts the Volcano Circuit, which explains why you’re seeing a progress bar while riding that.


Same happened to me today using a macbook. I selected the climb portal route on the main screen at the top of the climb and on completion there was no stats, I didn’t feature on the leaderboard. Very frustrating seeing as though I had PB’d and it didn’t register but was available on strava.

Same thing happened to me just now on Crow Road. My girlfriend got the result at the top and I got nothing. We started at the same time, the same way, both with Apple TV and companion.

I’ve ‘completed’ the climb portal twice now (latest one today on Cote de Pike). Each time going right through to the route completion but no stats or badge. Has anyone worked out what’s going on or how it’s fixed? I’m reluctant to bother with the portal again.

The finish is the arch at the top. There are no badges for each climb though, just those cumulative ones - one for your 1st climb, one for your 10th and one for your 25th.

I did it last night and had the same (AppleTV, coming from Volcano and climb selected from Home Screen).

First time up there was no data shown under the top banner (remaining distance/elevation or eta - which was kinda nice since it’s redundant info and the eta isn’t that accurate) and no climb stats at the top or time on the leaderboard. Went down, u-turned and went back up. Second time up I didn’t get any powerups/bonus XP going through the arches (except for the finishing one) and my first climb wasn’t listed on the leaderboard but everything else worked properly. Interestingly it did show my PR times from the first time up.

I’m going to assume only the 2nd one counted towards the cumulative badge but who knows.

Thanks Steve. Yes, I’m aware there’s not individual badges. I’m saying I’ve not had the 1st one despite doing it twice now.

Contact Zwift support. Go through the chatbot and if you keep telling it that the suggested articles don’t answer your query, then eventually it’ll give you a form that you can fill in to go to support.

Hopefully someone from Zwift will chime in here, seems like this bug has been around for a few months now.

Hello folks,

Thank you for raising this issue. I’ve escalated it at HQ for further investigation. If you’ve been affected by this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support. We’ll be happy to grab session logs and investigate for a root cause as this doesn’t seem to be occurring for all Zwifters riding climb portal activities.

How do you know when you’re done with the climb portal route? Is it when you exit the portal, or after the unspecified number of miles/kilometers past that when the progress bar finally hits the checkered flag? Some information would be nice. Also, I don’t feel like doing 6 laps of the Volcano Circuit after spending an hour on a climb, just to make sure I get credit for finishing. Not going to bother contacting support as I don’t feel like talking to a chatbot, just wondering if anyone here had an answer, because I’ve searched and found nothing.

It’s apparently at the top of the climb, no need to come back down and finish the lap. That said, I’ve done 10 climbs but still don’t have the badge for doing the 10.

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I have all the climbing portal badges. It’s a real pain to tell you the truth. I did NOT stop at the top of each climb, but continued until the status bar indicated ‘completed’. I can’t understand why the code monkeys at Zwift can’t fix this issue. It’s really confusing and completely unnecessary to complete 2 laps of the Volcano circuit. Think of the extra kilomrtres as a warm down.

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I’ve also been going until the status bar indicated completion as well. Agree that it would be nice if this was more clear. Sometimes the extra distance is nice, unless I really have something else I need to be doing, in which case it would be nice to know if I can just stop and still get credit for the climb. Anyway, thanks for the info.

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Does ATV have the climb portal option to adjust the difficulty level? I’ve done a few climbs and this option is never there.