Climb Portal - No Messages to nearby riders through CA

Hi - Tried the Climb Portal earlier today as an AFTER PARTY with a bunch of people after a group ride event.

There was no messaging to nearby riders through the Companion App.

You could send DMs to other riders through the CA.

You could send messages to nearby riders using the game interface itself (but not many ppl have keyboards near the bike to do that).

With not much else to look at on the Climb Portal, “Dad Jokes” (other puerile texts are available), would help inject some distraction/interest.

Is this a bug?


Confirmed same issue here on MacOS and iPhone.


Also fwiw, I’ve tried fan viewing someone who was at the start of the Watopia portal ride. As soon as you hit the portal, your fan view breaks and moves to some other random rider.

not sure its a bug but i expect it hasnt been fully completed and opened up early to coincide with the TdF