Climb portal do not working, avatar never enters the portal

Climb portal does not work for me, I choose any route and when I get to the portal detour my avatar goes away and never enters the portal.

Are you using the latest game update?

Of course, the problem is that I see the portal on my left, exactly 1.3km from the ride start and my avatar just walks away, dont turn left to enters the portal.

Hi @Carlos_Williams

Please define what you mean by “any route.” There are two easy ways to ride the Climb Portal: 1) By selecting Watopia in World selector then choosing Climb Portal Route or 2) choosing Climb Portal from the “Just Ride” menu of the Home Screen. See this article for specifics.

There is also a third way - you can manually turn onto the Climb Portal road if you’re approaching the intersection. Is this what you’re saying is not working?

Selecting Climb portal challenge: stage1, by choosing any of these routes: Cote de Trebiac, Col des Aravis, Col d’Aspin or Puy de Dome and when I start to ride it never guides me to the portal.