Climb Portal 2.0

During my very first climb portal session I had an inspiration watching the Puy de Dome TdF stage. All required technologies are yet available. Zwift shall be capable ‘just’ to integrate it into the Climb Portal (CP) module which I expect to be pretty independent from the rest of the platform. Here is what came to my mind:

  • Leverage CP to support any route
  • Auto-generate the funky surroundings
  • Populate routes w/ robopacers (RP)

Sounds decent, doesn’t it? But back to my first sentence, I think of:

  • Support certain routes of interest, e.g., a TdF stage
  • Average race performance data to assign speed to RP
  • Let us ride w/ them

Later, features could be extended. Technically it would be even possible to race w/ Pros in real-time. Garmin & Strava support real-time sharing of GPS data for years. iWatch does, too. Thoughts?

Robopacers can’t be used on point to point routes.

will we ever get the option to make our own robo/pacerbots on the alpe du zwift etc like Zwift do for GCN ?

I don’t think that’s included in our immediate plans.

I’ve only ever set up two for them as one offs.

I do however run monthly (last weekend of the month) Alpe rides with the pace partners as pacers for various times going up the Alpe.

Can you share how to find out what times these are, please?

I don’t think this months rides have been entered into the system yet.

They’ll be every 3 hours from Friday to Monday, starting at 12pm UK.

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