Climb challeng bug

(L M [X]) #1

Before I started this session today I was 97% finished with the climbing challenge, after the session, I was suddenly down to 18% again !? This is at best misleading. I do not know if this is a bug or not, do not know if I bothered to figure it out either…

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Lars,

It “reset” because, although you finished the mountain, you’re now only 18% of the way to go for the next tier. What is it? And what do you get when you finally get 100%?

Keep riding and find out :wink:

(L M [X]) #3

Hum, How far have I now come in the mount Everest challenge? 18%? 1592m? I’m standing on top of the mountain. (Bike literally) Personally I find this as poor engineering :slight_smile: please do not redefine 100%

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #4

I’m with Lars. If this is intended behavior is is poor design.  I and several other people have been laughing this off as an ugly bug, and just assumed it was another broken achievement/challenge.

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #5

I am with Eric, I just done it and have now 19% of the next challenge and if you read the screen you will see what it is.

Graphically I agree, it could be done better.

I cannot see that someone is trying to re-define 100%, the information is on-screen!

About the big prize, …I wonder what it might be…

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #6

Here is a screenshot from a friends Everest Challenge.

Honestly, it seems a bit silly to me.  If someone hadn’t told me that this was intended behavior, I would have assumed it was a bug (as I and my friend did).  Neither one of us had any clue why we were far higher than the top of Everest, but still only at 21% completion.  

I stand by my opinion that it’s poorly designed unless the intention is to cause confusion.


(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #7

I agree again that it could be designed a lot better.

You should be able to enlarge the picture when mousing over and then you see the numbers in meters you have done / to what you have to do in the bottom right corner.

Then you see that the goal has changed, you got the first goal and are in the next level

No awards for design here but also not too hard to understand (when enlarged). I guess it is trying to say that are you going over the top to the next level (badly).

(L M [X]) #8

In mye World, 100% work like this: each 1% represents 1/100 of total. After 99% there is 1% left until 100% that 1% represents 1/100 of total amount. 100% reprecents total. 

(E A) #9

So after the summit of Everest you keep going up to the Tropopause, wonder how high that will be, varies from 9000m-17000m (poles to the equator) then what keep going till you’re in orbit? next stop the Moon?, perhaps they’re planing a course there.